TC-898-90° Intelligent cutting machine

TC-898 90°
Intelligent Automatic Cutting Saw
TC-898 90度.jpg 


Note: Type TC-898 90°is applicable for wood material.

    Type TC-898 90°-A is applicable for aluminum material.


This type machine comes with unique design, the main spindle moves vertically along the straight-line guide, helps cut large scale panel at a high speed and without burrs at cut edge. 

Strong point: Detect panel length by computer reading, help to save material when cutting with high yield, fast, accurate and efficient

Scope of application: Wood door, wood furniture, wood closet ,cabinet and so on


◎Power source : 380V/50Hz/3HP+N

◎Panel width: 200-250mm

◎Panel thickness: 50-20mm

◎Gas source: 0.6-0.8Mpa

◎Total power: 6KW

◎Diameter of saw blade: 405*30*4/3mm*120T

◎Saw blade speed: 4000-6000RPM

◎Machine weight: 1200KG

◎Machine size: 4300*1000*1620mm