TC-350-ZD5 Compound wood door cutting production line

Customized Compound Door Wood Cutting Saw Intelligent Production Line



1) Input the door model, height, width and other data into the system, the device will automatically arrange the panel cutting data according to the required wooden size.

2) Automatic labeling, automatic sawing through computer calculation.

3) The production line makes the cutting speed of a door less than 1 minute, which solves the problem of slow manual cutting speed, poor dimensional accuracy and shortage of technical talents. It is the first equipment to realize the wooden door production industry 4.0.



◎MODEL: TC-350-ZD5

◎Air pressure: 0.6-0.8Mpa

◎Total power: 6KW

◎Saw blade speed: 4000-6000RPM

◎Saw blade size: 405*(4.0/3.0)*30*120T

◎Cutting range: width200mm/thickness 70mm

◎Machine size: 4600*1000*1620mm

◎Machine weight: 1200KG