M4J2611 Four side saw

Four-Edge Saw


The machine is controlled by an integrated industrial control system. The size and speed of sawing can be set directly.

1) This machine has the function of docking with computer or connecting with U disk. It can directly fetch the data needed to be processed, and also can manually input dimension for processing.
2) This machine adopts the form of a large-small sized saw blade to prevent the panel edge clean and smooth.
3) The saw blade motor adopts a high-speed motor with a speed of up to 4,000-6000 revolutions per minute, making cut surface smooth and flat. The saw blade movement adopts a high-precision gear rack to run through a servo motor and a deceleration motor. Free feed according to sheet size, greatly shorten sawing time and increase production capacity

◎Air pressure: 0.6-0.8Mpa
◎Total power: 50KW
◎Rotating speed of saw blade: 4000-6000RPM
◎Size of mian saw blade: Φ305*3.2*2.2*Φ30*120T
◎Slotted blade size: Φ125*3.5*2.7*Φ22
◎Machine size: 4800*2250*2200mm
◎Sawing area: 2600*1100*80mm
◎Machine weight: 6000KG